Delivering Insights in Data Value

As digital data sources proliferate, many important questions are being raised about the use and application of data in a variety of commercial and non-commercial situations. In general, these issues are increasing interest in the value of data in a digital economy. Throughout 2018, sponsored by a variety of organizations including Facebook, FutureAgenda sought the views of of 900 experts with different backgrounds and perspectives on the future value of data. Over 30 workshops were held across 24 countries to gather a wide spectrum of voices addressing the data landscape across the globe.

From these interactions a massive amount of primary information was gathered, categorized, examined, and summarized. While a great deal had been learned, initial review revealed that a bigger opportunity presented by this project was to look for deeper insights from reported observations and comments, and to align the findings with previously reported perspectives in the extensive body of existing academic literature.

Unities was brought into the project to review outputs, challenge conventional thinking, deliver additional commentary on findings, and offer an academic perspective on digital economy issues related to this project. Building on the extensive experience of the Unities team, we worked with FutureAgenda to review finding and report drafts, optimize analysis of the findings for maximum impact, and to place them in a strong academically meaningful context.

The resulting report, published at the end of 2019, presents a compelling and comprehensive snapshot of global perspectives on the value of data as seen by workshop participants. Furthermore, it delivers a comprehensive picture of the sheer variety of issues and views thrown up by a fast-evolving data economy. The guidance brought by the Unities contribution to the project helped to ensure the success of the resulting report.